Service Management – Tivoli Network Manager (formerly Netcool/Precision)

Tivoli Netcool/Precision for IP is one of the products from the Netcool “add on” series, outside of the basic monitoring core solution. It can be integrated to enable specialization for specific applications. In this case, the specialisation applies to IP networks – the core platform is universal for all application areas – and the added value is achieved in the form of advanced monitoring of IP networks.

Tivoli Netcool/Precision is a solution intended for advanced monitoring of IP networks. Apart from monitoring, Netcool/Precision includes tools for creation of advanced alarm correlations in IP networks, as well as the tool for autodiscovery of network topology and its graphical visualisation together with one of the product’s crucial characteristics – topology based correlations and RCA-Root Cause Analysis techniques. Basic features of this product are the following: